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With exquisite training and integrated AI, we simplify your learning experience.

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What is My EdTeK Partner?

My EdTeK Partner stands as the online learning arm of My IELTS Partner Private Limited. Our mission revolves around delivering comprehensive learning solutions for a spectrum of English language competitive exams—IELTS, PTE, OET, TOEFL, and CELPIP—utilizing cutting-edge technology tailored to learners' convenience and pace.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and unparalleled training, we are committed to breaking down barriers, providing accessible learning solutions for all, regardless of time constraints or dependencies.

As founders and trainers, our wealth of experience and expertise in training and business development has steered the company in the right direction.

Features of My EdTek Partner


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My EdTeK Partner aims to empower students, individuals, and organizations aiming to explore expansive opportunities in academics or careers on the global stage, including the UK, USA, Australia, and beyond.

We are dedicated to providing meticulous training in the English language, with a commitment to excellence and skill refinement. Our expert faculty, each brilliant in their own right, guides learners through a comprehensive training experience.

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Our vision at My EdTeK Partner is to pioneer top-notch English Skill Testing systems that empower students and job seekers to carve out a splendid future for themselves abroad.

As a learning platform, we aspire to assist aspirants in realizing their dreams in the most constructive manner possible. Backed by a comprehensive curriculum and advanced technology, we are confident that we can provide inclusive learning solutions, breaking down barriers of time and other dependencies for all individuals.

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My EdTeK Partner aims to simplify the process of learning and preparing for various English language exams by providing top-notch training material, instant assessments and feedback along with a user-friendly interface; on the whole making learning a personalized experience. We also aim to expand into wider arenas in the future by developing similar platforms for coaching centers and other education consultancies to meet the learning needs of aspirational students.

Meet our team

Our team consists of distinct trainers, top-notch content developers along with brilliant software personnel qualified in Machine learning and Natural Language Programming with over twenty years of experience. At My EdTeK Partner, we dedicate ourselves to quality training in the most simplified manner.


Raghunadha Pillai

Managing Director




Download My EdTeK Partner Mobile application on Android and IOS

Presenting the world's first AI integrated English language learning app - My EdTeK Partner is for aspirants aiming to conquer English Language competitive exams. Now get access to world-class English language training just a click away.

Practice and sharpen your listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills through hundreds of mock and practice tests provided. Best of all, study at your own pace and convenience with the My EdTeK Partner app!

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