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Introducing the groundbreaking leap in IELTS, OET and PTE preparation! Our revolutionary AI-powered self-learning application is your key to mastering these exams and achieving learning excellence. Say hello to a new era of guided learning that brings you closer to your goals.


Get Your Dream Score

and Open Your Dream Door

Introducing the groundbreaking leap in IELTS, OET and PTE preparation! Our revolutionary AI-powered self-learning application is your key to mastering these exams and achieving learning excellence. Say hello to a new era of guided learning that brings you closer to your goals.

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This course includes four FREE Mock Tests for each IELTS, PTE and OET module. It will help you assess your IELTS/PTE/OET Proficiency.

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Why Choose Us?

Neha's quest to ready herself for the Competitive English Test became her ultimate challenge. Despite her dedicated endeavors, which involved exhaustive research and enrolling in various courses, an air of uncertainty persisted. She found herself grappling with questions about the test's format, structure, different question types, and the most effective strategies to conquer it


Neha found her perfect study companion in the sophisticated EdTek Partner application. Armed with its intricately crafted study plan, she seamlessly immersed herself in a realm of curriculum-based video courses, intricately designed practice exams, and engaging mock tests.


Neha's confidence reached new heights as she attained remarkable success in the exam, attributing her accomplishment to the AI-powered skill tests provided by MyEdtek Partner. Offering instant scores and personalized guidance, these tests proved instrumental in helping Neha pinpoint her strengths and weaknesses, offering invaluable support throughout her journey.


Neha has reached her enchanting sanctuary, luxuriating in the opulence of her long-cherished existence. She staunchly believes that My EdTek Partner stands as the exclusive catalyst behind her triumphant achievement of the desired score, ultimately bestowing upon her the life she has perpetually yearned for.

Are you ready to join the Future of Learning?

Unlock the door to streamlined and effective online IELTS and PTE training through My EdTek Partner. Receive instant feedback on practice sessions and mock tests.

Turn your aspirations into tangible realities with the transformative power of AI.


I had a great IELTS training experience with My EdTek partner. The practice materials provided were excellent and offered a diverse range of questions. The variety helped in improving my skills across all sections and helped me score a good result. Thanks to the staffs and my tutor for being so cooperative and helpful.


It was one of my best decisions, to join My EdTek Partner for my IELTS training. Their class videos are crystal clear and to the point. Also the practice material helped me so much to continuesly test my knowledge and make improvements which eventually made me score a good result in the actual test. They keeps on updating the app regularly and makes it more user friendly. Truly amazing experience !.


My experience with My IELTS Partner was great. With crash course, I was able to get score 7 in my first try. Special thanks to the tutor for the best guidance. Would highly recommend this to those who are trying for IELTS.


Guys if you have any doubt about ,what to choose for learning ielts i recommend you this application.Trust me they will teach you all the things with their best teaching methods.. i got band 8 .i would like to thank vinothini ma'am for teaching me...THANK YOU VERY MUCH..


A good platform to study ielts online. In first attempt itself I was able to score band 7. Special thanks to my tutor for moulding me to face the test with confidence. The app is really helpful and working well compared to other apps.


The App was very helpful since the Ai feature was amazing,which gives an exact and correct answer and simulations. A person who could score a 6 in app can definitely score above 7 in real life test as the Ai makes it more perfect and thanks to my tutor who was so supportive and helps me educated and updated. Also the supporting staffs with great response and more friendly approach. Thank you all 💕


I had a fantastic experience with the My EdTeK partner app. Its user-friendly interface made studying a breeze, and the skilled trainers provided invaluable guidance that ultimately helped me successfully crack the IELTS test. Highly recommended!


With my recent success in IELTS, I would proudly vouch for My EdTeK Partner as the best online coaching application for aspirants. The app offers plenty of practice tests, mock tests and the service of a personal tutor which provides a customizable learning experience. Unlike its counterparts, the AI simulation encourages to practice more as we can know the score while being provided with an answer key. I am thankful for the immense support I received from the team till the day of my exam.


It was an amazing experience with the app myielts partner.The instant feedback provided by the app is very motivating and one can definitely improve as we get a review about ourselves.Flexible timing with one on one mentor who is very friendly and provide confidence throughout the journey is very helpful.Apart from this people working behind the app is keen on developing the app taking our feedbacks seriously.This is one of the best app for IELTS exam.


I had a fantastic experience with this app. It played a crucial role in helping me achieve my desired score. My trainer, Athul, was exceptional and provided excellent support throughout my preparation. The speaking, reading, and writing sections of the app are truly outstanding. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to excel in their IELTS exam.


My EdTeK Partner AI oriented app is the best formula for success. Self paced learning with a lot of practice and mock tests made me to get an idea about the test and gave me important tips and tricks to crack a good band score. I really appreciate the patience and time that given by my mentor and face to face interactive live sessions were really helpful and built my confidence to next level.

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